Steve Thorne led a team of multi-disciplinary consultants including Urbacity, Space Syntax, Clouston and Michels Warren Munday to produce a master plan for the City of Darwin. The project included four large public workshops as well as 90 smaller stakeholder workshops held over thirteen months to ensure a high level of stakeholder involvement and input. The project included new techniques for determining future land values. These methods ultimately led to Federal Government investments to increase infrastructure for the city centre, including the new Garramilla Boulevard. This link was proposed in the master plan and has now been constructed increasing access to the city centre. The Darwin City Centre Master Plan included 72 design concepts aimed at improving streetscapes, public amenities, access, recreation and living opportunities, job creation opportunities, and new parkland. More than 50% of these concepts have been funded and completed. The Master Plan was awarded the Planning Excellence award by the Victorian Planning Institute of Victoria.