Tolland is a suburb developed in the 1960’s and 1970’s. One quarter of the suburb is dominated by poor quality social housing which over time has been poorly maintained. The suburb was initially designed using “Radburn Principles” with houses backing onto large open spaces. Over time these open spaces have become unsafe owing to a lack of surveillance and ongoing anti-social behaviour. The houses are also vulnerable to home invasions and burglaries owing to the lack of surveillance and exposure to the open spaces. Design Urban was commissioned to work with engineers from Cardno to develop a master plan which addressed these significant urban issues. At the commencement of this project in January 2021 there were 614 dwellings including 227 social housing dwellings in this 67.5 Hectare site. A key driver of the master plan was to improve the urban design while minimising the removal or replacement of in-ground infrastructure. This was achieved. The master plan was completed and approved by the consortium in August 2021