As City Designer for the City of Gosnells, Steve Thorne devised a revitalisation plan for the Gosnells Town Centre.  The plan included strategies to increase the residential base of the town, improve the local economy and improve access to the town, including the relocation and redevelopment of a railway station.  Community safety strategies formed a significant part of the rationale for revitalisation. A new Main Street was constructed increasing access and new opportunities for street-oriented retail outlets. State Government, Local Government and private sector investment in the town centre increased dramatically leading to an economic recovery in the town centre.

When the project commenced, there was a 40% vacancy rate in the town centre.  Following the development of the Revitalisation Plan, significant funding was forthcoming for “key catalytic projects”. Vacancy rates have fallen to zero.

The project has received numerous local, national and international awards, including the State and National PIA Award of Excellence for Urban Design and the Universal Design Award, judged in New York, Tokyo and London.